Safe and ecological

Nordicflite Oy Ltd is an entirely Finnish airline specialised in adventure flights.

Nordicflite’s aircraft are safe and use ecological, ethanol-free and unleaded Hjelmco 91/96 UL fuel. The aircraft are maintained in Finland by Finnish workers and in aircraft maintenance companies that are monitored by the civil aviation regulatory authority. The pilots are experienced Finnish professional pilots trained in Finland.

The flights operate under the certificate of airworthiness FI-034.


Cessna 150 is the world’s most popular civilian plane and it is very safe and easy to fly and its fuel consumption is very low. The millions of air hours flown with these planes guarantee their safety. Cessna has a Type Certificate, which means that it has been designed, manufactured and flight tested in a way that guarantees its safety. For instance, ultralight aircraft do not meet these requirements. In the airline business, the aircraft, maintenance and crew must meet the European Aviation Safety Agency EASA’s strict requirements. Finland is the leading country in aviation safety.


As an autumn offer, we provide a special «party package» for stag and hen parties and birthday parties.

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