General terms of transport


These General Conditions of Carriage for passengers and baggage are the only general conditions that are binding upon Nordicflite Oy Ltd. Other carriers have issued general conditions of carriage, which may differ from these General Conditions of Carriage, and are applicable to carriage by air by such carrier.

















Finnish company that is based in Helsinki.

Baggage means passengers personal property accompanying them in connection with their trip. Unless otherwise specified, it consists of both the passenger’s Checked and Unchecked Baggage.

Checked Baggage means Baggage that Nordicflite Oy Ltd has taken custody of and for which a Baggage Check has been issued.

Carrier means Nordicflite Oy Ltd.

Domestic rules of the airline company means other regulations of passenger and/or luggage transport not included in these travel conditions which the airline company has disclosed and which are in effect on the date of issuing the airline ticket.

Stopover refers to an intentional interruption of the journey between the port of departure and port of destination on the passenger’s request and upon prior agreement with Nordicflite Oy Ltd.

Itinerary means a document or documents printed on paper by the travel agency that state the passenger name, flight information and booking number. Itinerary can also be sent to the passenger by email and/or regular mail containing the passenger’s name, flight information and booking number. At check-in the passenger may receive a boarding card only by presenting the Itinerary details including the booking number.

Baggage tag means a document that Nordicflite Oy Ltd uses to identify checked-in baggage

Baggage ticket means a document that contains the details on the transport of a passenger’s Baggage that has been checked-in to the flight.
Passenger means any person with the exception of members of the crew who is carried or intended to be carried in the Airplane on the basis of an airline ticket issued by Nordicflite Oy Ltd.

Terms of agreement means terms found in the travel itinerary or terms delivered with the itinerary, general information and these general conditions of carriage.

Agreed stopping places are those places set forth in this ticket with the exception of the port of departure and the port of destination that have been mentioned in the itinerary or in the Nordicflite Oy Ltd schedules as planned stopping places along the route.

Special Drawing Rights (SDR) speecify the official currency unit determined by the International Monetary Fund of the so-called special rights reserve. The special rights reserve shall be converted into money on the date the resolution of compensation for damages shall be issued in accordance with the IMF conversion rate.

Boarding card means a document given to the passenger at check-in that must be shown in order to board the Airplane.

Damage means the death, trauma or other bodily injuries of the passenger as well as loss, reduction and theft of luggage and other damages resulting from the airline transport or other Nordicflite Oy Ltd services directly related to carriage by air or damages arising hereunder.

An authorized representative or a representative means a sales representative to whom Nordicflite Oy Ltd has granted authorization to sell air carriage services to passengers.

Booking number means a number and letter combination found in the itinerary or in the confirmation sent to web-store customers. The booking number is needed at check-in in order for the passenger to receive a boarding card to board the Airplane.

Web-store purchase means a purchase made online at the Nordicflite Oy Ltd Web store.

Business ID means the company identity code of Nordicflite Oy Ltd.

The general contract notifies of provisions of the following documents applied in the transport contract in certain cases:
1.     The Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air signed in Warsaw, 12 October 1929 (thereinafter "the Warsaw Convention");
2.    The Warsaw Convention as amended at The Hague 28 September 1955;
3.    The Warsaw Convention as amended by Additional Protocol no. 1 in Montreal in 1975;
4.    The Warsaw Convention as amended at The Hague in 1955 and by Additional Protocol no. 2 in Montreal in 1975;
5.    The Warsaw Convention as amended at The Hague in 1955 and by Additional Protocol no. 4 in Montreal in 1975;
6.    Guadalajara Supplementary Agreement.


2.1. General

The said travel conditions shall be applied only as regards these air travels or parts thereof operated by Nordicflite Oy Ltd itself.

2.2. Application of legislation
If these travel conditions are in contradiction with legislative acts, regulations, departmental rules or tariffs, the said travel conditions shall be applied instead of the general travel conditions.

If some provisions of these general travel conditions cannot be applied due to the said contradiction the general travel conditions shall still be applied as regards the other parts of carriage by air.
2.3. Application of other regulations
If the general travel conditions and other Nordicflite Oy Ltd regulations are in contradiction, these travel conditions shall be applied, unless provided otherwise.

3.1. A valid airline ticket is mandatory.

3.1.1. Nordicflite Oy Ltd carries only passengers whose name is stated on the valid airline ticket. When purchasing a ticket, be it from the web store, on the phone or from a travel agent, the customer receives a booking confirmation that states the name of the passenger, the destination, the schedules for the flights and the booking number. The booking confirmation details are presented at check-in to receive the boarding pass for boarding the flight.

Passengers are not entitled to travel if they do not present a valid airline ticket. Passengers are also not entitled to travel in case the ticket has been damaged or amended by anybody other than Nordicflite Oy Ltd or its authorized representative.

 3.1.2 Airline tickets are not to be transferred to third parties. If the airline ticket is presented by a person other than the one having the right for air travel and refund, Nordicflite Oy Ltd is not obliged to pay compensation to the real owner of the ticket if Nordicflite Oy Ltd has bona fide carried the person who presented the ticket or refunded the said person.

3.1.3 The passenger has to prove his/her identity on request.

If an airline ticket is lost or the ticket or a part thereof is damaged or the passenger does not have a ticket, the company issuing the ticket may on request of the passenger replace the said ticket or a part thereof, issuing a new ticket after sufficient clarification that a valid ticket for these flights had been properly issued before. In this event the passenger has to sign a contract agreeing to compensate Nordicflite Oy Ltd for costs and damages arising from a probable misuse of the ticket.

In other cases the company issuing the ticket is entitled to demand the full price for the new ticket, on the condition that the price shall be refunded to the passenger if the original ticket has not been used during its validity. The airline company issuing the ticket is entitled to collect the costs derived from and related to issuing the new ticket from the passenger.

If the original ticket is found before the end of its validity time the passenger is obligated to return it to Nordicflite Oy Ltd at first possible instance.

3.2 Validity

3.2.1 An airline ticket is good for one year from the beginning of the journey or (if any parts of the tickets have not been used) from the date of issue, unless otherwise provided in conditions on the ticket or in these general travel conditions.

Nordicflite Oy Ltd may also repurchase the ticket on the conditions provided under article 10.

3.2.3 In case a passenger dies during the journey the tickets of accompanying persons can be changed, abandoning the limits of minimum stay or extending the validity of the ticket. If a close relative of a person who started the journey dies, the tickets of the passenger and close relatives accompanying him/her may be changed similarly. The said changes shall be conducted on the basis of the death certificate and the term of validity shall not be extended for more than forty-five (45) days from the moment of death.

3.3 Contact details for Nordicflite Oy Ltd

Instead of the Nordicflite Oy Ltd name company ID or other abbreviation or logo may be used in the travel documents. The place of departure will be considered as the address for Nordicflite Oy Ltd that has been marked on the booking confirmation/ itinerary.



4.1. General

Unless otherwise provided the fares contain only carriage from the airport of departure to the airport of destination. The fares do not include land transport between the said places or between other places.

4.2. The applicable fare

Nordicflite Oy Ltd notifies or publishes in other ways all prices for their flights. The fare comprises of the flight/flights included in the itinerary form their place of departure to their destination.  The fare which was effective on the date of purchase or the date of beginning the journey written on the ticket shall be the applicable fare for the air carriage. Changing the dates or route of the journey, time or length of the trip may affect the price of the journey.

4.3. Fees and taxes

The fares and taxes include all fees and taxes required by the state, other agency or the airport operator and are always paid by the passenger. As a basic rule, these fares and taxes are always included in the applicable fare (4.2.) If a tax or new legislation is enforced affecting the price of the ticket after the payment for the ticket has already been made but not before the voyage has begun, Nordicflite Oy Ltd may add this payment to the price of the tickets and have it paid prior to the beginning of the trip.

4.4. Currency

The airfare and taxes may be paid in any currency acceptable by Nordicflite Oy Ltd using the exchange rate determined by Nordicflite Oy Ltd’s domestic rules.


5.1. Preconditions for booking

Booking will not be effective before Nordicflite Oy Ltd or a representative thereof has registered it. Due to the domestic rules of Nordicflite Oy Ltd certain conditions are related to certain fares, restricting or excluding the passenger’s right to change or abandon bookings.


5.2 Booking a seat

Seats are considered to be booked after the passenger has paid the full fare for the trip and has received a confirmation for it

5.3. Personal data

Passengers are aware that their personal data has been disclosed to Nordicflite Oy Ltd for the purposes of booking, purchasing an airline ticket, receiving other services, developing and rendering services, facilitating exit from and entry into a country and forwarding personal data to public authorities. Passengers authorize Nordicflite Oy Ltd to hold the said data in its possession for the said purposes and forward to its offices, public authorities and other airline companies or providers of the said services.

 5.4. Seats

Nordicflite Oy Ltd tries to take into account the wishes as to seats, but cannot guarantee a certain seat in the Airplane even on the basis of a confirmed booking. Nordicflite Oy Ltd reserves the right to change previously announced seats.

 5.5 Re-confirmation of seat booking

Nordicflite Oy Ltd has the right to demand a re-booking for the return flights seats according to its own rules and the time restrictions mentioned in these rules. If the rebooking of seats is necessary Nordicflite Oy Ltd will notify the passenger. If the passenger does not do a rebooking when instructed this may lead to the cancellation of their connecting or return flight.



6.1. Passengers should take care to check in within a sufficient period of time prior to the flight and at the latest before the deadline announced by Nordicflite Oy Ltd thus enabling the company to have time for completing the formalities required by public authorities and other necessary procedures.

6.2. Passengers must be at the departure gates and check-in at the latest by the time designated by Nordicflite Oy Ltd and with the appropriate traveling documents. If the passenger fails to do so Nordicflite Oy Ltd has the right to cancel the booking.

 6.3. Nordicflite Oy Ltd is not liable for costs or damages caused by the failure to complete the provisions hereunder and what they may cause to the passenger.



1. The right to refuse carriage. The said measure is necessary pursuant to the applicable legislation, regulations and rules.
Nordicflite Oy Ltd may at its own discretion refuse to carry a passenger or his/her luggage in one of the following situations:

a) Carrying a passenger or his/her luggage may threaten the safety, health or convenience of other passengers or the crew.

b)  Passenger's mental of physical condition, including alcohol or drug intoxication, poses a threat to the passenger him/herself, other passengers, the crew or property.

c)  Passenger who has been denied entry to the country has been evicted or arrested who may pose a threat to other passengers, crew, or the Airplane;

d) Passenger´s behavior, age, mental or physical state is, or seems to be, such that he/she needs:

1)    special assistance that cannot be given by the staff

  2)   He/she is a danger to him/herself, other passengers, crew or property

e)  Passenger does not follow Nordicflite Oy Ltd's safety and other instructions.

f)  Passenger has either verbally or by their behavior expressed negligence or threat towards flight safety

g)  Passenger refuses to go through security check.

h)  Passenger does not have valid travel documents,

i) or he/she attempts to enter a country where he/she is in transit or he/she does not have the necessary travel documents for entry into the country in question.

j)  Passenger has damaged his/her travel documents during the flight or refuses to give the travel documents to the crew for a receipt.

k) The airline ticket produced by a passenger has been acquired in an illegal manner or purchased from a place other from Nordicflite Oy Ltd or its authorized representative

l) The ticket has been admitted to be lost or stolen or the passenger is not able to prove that he/she is the person mentioned on the airline ticket.

m) Travel documents have not been used in the correct order and the passenger is attempting to begin their journey from a place other than their original place of departure

n) Passenger is lacking documents to prove that they are the holder of the ticket

o) Passenger has been previously accused of any of the said activities or negligence and Nordicflite Oy Ltd has the reason to assume it will happen again

p) Passenger has been notified either verbally or with a written communication that after the before mentioned notification they will not be transported on Nordicflite Oy Ltd services or flights
2. Pursuant to Nordicflite Oy Ltd’s domestic rules allowing children traveling alone, disabled or ill persons on the flight might depend on previously agreed preliminary measures.
Nordicflite Oy Ltd cannot refuse to carry a passenger on grounds of a disability or other said reasons or special measures necessary hereunder, if Nordicflite Oy Ltd has been informed about the disability, etc., and necessary special measures while purchasing the ticket and Nordicflite Oy Ltd has allowed the passenger onto the flight.


8.1 Luggage carried free-of-charge

Passengers are allowed to carry a certain amount of luggage free-of-charge.
This can be specified as according to the weight of the luggage or by number of pieces or as a combination of the two. Nordicflite Oy Ltd will inform passengers of the regulations that are valid for their flight in question.

8.2 Excessive luggage

Luggage exceeding the amount/weight of the free-of-charge carried luggage will be subject to an additional charge determined by Nordicflite Oy Ltd. The amount of the extra charge can be attained from Nordicflite Oy Ltd or an official representative of Nordicflite Oy Ltd. Nordicflite Oy Ltd will not guarantee that Excessive luggage will be transported on the same flight as the passenger and their free-of-charge luggage.

 8.3 Forbidden luggage

Goods which might pose a threat to the Airplane or people and property will not be transported in the Airplane. These are goods deemed as hazardous by the regulations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and their publification ICAO-TI (Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air) and the General Terms of Carriage as stated here.

Passengers are not allowed to transport in their luggage the following:

a)  Liquid items or other substances that can be dangerous to health, safety, security or luggage while transported on a Airplane. These include for example; explosives, gases, corrosive substances, radioactive matter and flammable materials, venomous and other irritating substances. The list is example only and does not cover all forbidden substances. More information can be attained from Nordicflite Oy Ltd.

b)  Items the carriage of which is prohibited by the applicable laws, regulations or orders of any state to be flown from or to.

c) Nordicflite Oy Ltd may refuse to carry luggage or cargo due to its size, shape, weight, content, character or safety, functional circumstances or reasons related to the convenience of other passengers.

Despite the previous list, passengers can transport with agreement from Nordicflite Oy Ltd and following the given instructions the following items:

a) Alcoholic beverages over 24% by volume in their original retail packaging that do not exceed alcoholic content over 70% by volume totaling a maximum of 5 liters.

b) Non-radioactive medical and cosmetic items (for example; hairsprays, perfumes and medication containing alcohol). Individual item must not exceed the weight of 0.5 kilograms or 0.5 liters and their altogether weight per person 2 kilograms or 2 liters

c) Matches and a cigarette lighter may be transported in the passengers clothing. Lighters containing substances other than liquid gas are forbidden as well as matches that can be lit by scratching any surface;

d) Pacemakers containing radioactive isotopes.

e) Wheelchairs and other battery powered moving aids (must have liquid, unleakable batteries) Transporting a wheelchair is only by the permission of Nordicflite Oy Ltd.

f) One small thermometer containing mercury must be in a protective case.

g) Carrying weapons and ammunition in luggage is forbidden with the exception of hunting and sporting weapons and the ammunition thereof. Hunting and sporting weapons and their ammunition are registered as luggage pursuant to Nordicflite Oy Ltd’s domestic rules.

Weapons must be unloaded and properly packed and the safety must be on. ICAO and IATA regulations for transporting hazardous goods are followed for carrying ammunition. Weapons must be transported in area of the Airplane where passengers have no access to and their weight must not exceed 5kg per passenger. All ammunition must be packed in a stable and secure manner in boxes and no exploding or fire inducing ammunition may be transported. Packages belonging to different passengers may not be included in one package. Transporting weapons or ammunition must always be agreed on by Nordicflite Oy Ltd.

h) Antique weapons, swords, knives and other similar weapons are registered as luggage pursuant to the procedure provided in Nordicflite Oy Ltd’s domestic rules. However, the said weapons are not allowed in the Airplane's passenger cabin.

Nordicflite Oy Ltd and official representatives of Nordicflite Oy Ltd will give more information on transporting luggage.

8.4 Registered luggage

If luggage is registered with Nordicflite Oy Ltd, the latter will be liable for the luggage and give a numbered luggage receipt for registered luggage to the passenger. A similar document will be given to the passenger.

Nordicflite Oy Ltd may refuse to carry goods as luggage or to register the goods if the goods are unsuitably packed.

Money, jewelry, precious metals, computers and personal equipment, contracts, shares or other securities, business documents, passports and other identification documents, samples or other valuables should not be packed in the registered luggage.

The name of a passenger or any other identification has to appear on registered luggage.

If possible, luggage shall be carried in the same Airplane with the passenger, if Nordicflite Oy Ltd does not decide otherwise for functional or safety reasons. If registered luggage is carried by a later flight, Nordicflite Oy Ltd will deliver it to the passenger, in case the passenger does not have to submit his/her luggage for customs clearance.

Nordicflite Oy Ltd may offer the possibility for passengers to pre-announce if their luggage has items that exceed the limitations for accepted value for carriage. In such a case the passenger is responsible for all extra costs.

Nordicflite Oy Ltd recommends that all passengers have insurance that will cover all possible losses (e.g. luggage, sickness and accidents).

 8.5 Right to check

On security considerations Nordicflite Oy Ltd may demand X-raying or other inspection of persons and luggage or checking the passenger's luggage or having it checked without the passenger being present. If the passenger refuses to observe the said requirement, Nordicflite Oy Ltd may refuse to carry the passenger or his/her luggage. Nordicflite Oy Ltd is not liable for damages caused to a passenger or luggage by a check, if the damage has not been caused by Nordicflite Oy Ltd's fault or negligence.

 8.6 Unregistered luggage
Nordicflite Oy Ltd may determine the maximum dimensions of luggage carried in the passenger cabin. If maximum dimensions have not been determined, the luggage has to fit in the passenger's lap. If it is impossible to carry luggage in the said manner or it is too heavy or it has been decided that it might pose a threat, such luggage has to be carried in the Airplane's luggage compartment. Items which are not suitable for carriage in the luggage compartment (e.g. sensitive musical instruments) or comply with the requirements are to be carried in the passenger cabin only if a relevant application has been previously submitted and Nordicflite Oy Ltd has issued a carriage permit.
An extra fee may be charged for carrying such items.

 8.7 Issuing registered luggage

At the port of destination or stopover, passengers have to take their luggage into their possession as soon as possible. If registered luggage has not been claimed during a designated time, passengers may be charged for keeping the luggage. If registered luggage has not been claimed within three (3) months from the time it became available, Nordicflite Oy Ltd has the right to liquidate the luggage and Nordicflite Oy Ltd is not obliged to compensate the passenger for liquidated goods.

8.8 Pets

In general Nordicflite Oy Ltd does not carry pets.


Nordicflite Oy Ltd makes all efforts to carry passengers and their luggage from one place to another as fast as possible and observe the published schedule effective on the day of the journey. For unforeseeable reasons (e.g. legal or other regulations, weather conditions, dispatcher situation, technical issues, strikes or other similar situations) Nordicflite Oy Ltd may have to change the times of certain flights or cancel them. Therefore the times based on the schedule cannot be guaranteed and these are not included in the carriage contract between passengers and Nordicflite Oy Ltd.
If a situation like this where to occur Nordicflite Oy Ltd:

a) Reserves the right to use another airline and/or aircraft or a shipping company for carrying passengers

b) Will carry the passenger to his/her destination by another means of transport

c) Will move the passenger’s flight to a later date

d) Will cancel the trip and refund the price of the ticket paid by the passenger.

Nordicflite Oy Ltd is not responsible for possible costs/damages, direct or indirect, that are caused to the passenger due to the flights cancellation, delay or other flight arrangements.


If Nordicflite Oy Ltd cancels a flight, is not able to guarantee a flight according to scheduled times, does not land in a place where the passenger is willing to land or have a stopover according to his/her ticket or causes the passenger to miss their connecting flight that they have a booked seat for the refund by Nordicflite Oy Ltd will be as follows:

a) If all parts of the ticket are unused, the rate will be the paid fare

b) If a part of the ticket is used, then at least the difference between the paid fare and the fare of the used carriage minus the possible service or cancellation charges.

Purchased tickets have limitations to cancellation rights according to their ticket class. Nordicflite Oy Ltd would like to remind customers that cancellations due to sickness will cause the whole fare of the trip to be charged and no refund will be possible. Nordicflite Oy Ltd recommends that passengers take out a travel policy that will cover losses in such a case prior to their trip.


To ensure the safety of passengers, crew and the Airplane, passengers must behave in a suitable manner and to abide to the regulations and instructions given by the staff.

If a passenger behaves in the Airplane in a manner threatening the Airplane or a person or property therein, disturbs the crew in fulfilling its tasks, ignores the orders of the crew, or behaves in any other way that disturbs and damages the other passengers or the staff, Nordicflite Oy Ltd has the right to take appropriate measures for stopping the said behavior, including application of coercive measures towards the passenger.

The passenger may be removed from the Airplane at any port of landing and Nordicflite Oy Ltd may refuse further carriage of said passenger. The passenger may be taken to court for his/her behavior.

Passengers are not allowed to bring or consume alcoholic beverages in the Airplane.

For security reasons Nordicflite Oy Ltd may forbid or restrict the use of electronic equipment on board the Airplane. Prohibitions and restrictions may among other things regard mobile phones, portable computers and tape recorders, radios, CD players, electronic games and equipment forwarding radio waves, e.g. remote control toys and radio telephones. Hearing equipment and pacemakers are allowed.

OTHER Nordicflite Oy Ltd SERVICES

If Nordicflite Oy Ltd assumes an obligation to provide other services in connection with concluding the air carriage contract, Nordicflite Oy Ltd only has the obligation to compensate for these services as for its own failure in organization of the said services, if the applicable law does not provide otherwise. Nordicflite Oy Ltd is not in any case liable for indirect damages.

For other services Nordicflite Oy Ltd has its own conditions of carriage, these conditions are available upon request from the staff.


The liability of Nordicflite Oy Ltd for carriage is determined by European Union legislations, the national legislation and the general contract and by the conditions of carriage by Nordicflite Oy Ltd.

1. Personal damage 

1.1 The maximum rate of compensation in the event of death, trauma or other bodily injury has not been limited by means of legislation, the general contract, or other contracts.

1.2 In Cases of compensation claimed for death, trauma or bodily injury up to 100, 000 SDR units, it is not possible for Nordicflite Oy Ltd to restrict or cancel its liability by claiming that Nordicflite Oy Ltd (or the representatives thereof) has taken all possible measures to avoid the damage, or that it had been impossible for Nordicflite Oy Ltd (or its representatives) to take such measures.

1.3 Despite of the terms stated in 1.2, Nordicflite can avoid the obligation to compensate for damage, if it can be shown that the person suffering the damage has him/herself caused or contributed to the damage occured.

1.4 In the event of trauma or injury Nordicflite Oy Ltd shall pay immediately, or at the latest within 15 days from determining the person entitled to the compensation, compensation in advance depending on the economic situation and damages suffered by the entitled person.

In the event of death the amount of the compensation in advance per person always comprises at least an amount equal to 16,000 SDR units in ECU this having no restrictions to clause one.

A compensation given in advance shall not be regarded as Nordicflite Oy Ltd's acknowledgement of its responsibility. The advance may be used as down payments of potential later compensation and return of the compensation in advance can be claimed only in cases mentioned in the following article 1.3 or if it becomes apparent that the person having received the compensation in advance has him/herself caused the damage or contributed to causing the damage or if it becomes apparent that the person receiving the compensation in advance would not be entitled to compensation.



Nordicflite Oy Ltd reserves the right to amend these conditions. The amended conditions will be valid on the date announced and published. A backdated date may not be used.

Nordicflite Oy Ltd.